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SMS Alert 9 (4G)




9 inputs (8 AC-Opto isolated inputs, negative or positive trip selectable).

3 x 10A relay outputs  ( additional 3 optional).

Reports to 10 users/cell phones.  (40 users on request)

Re-nameable SMS text input strings.

Overall status request at any time.

Silent listen-in microphone.

Pepper gas pulse function.

Missed call to and from option.

Airtime can be loaded and checked on system.

12VDC, 40mA standby.

Specific software available, e.g. Roboguard and triple partition.  

Voice Alert (Audio) optional available e.g. "Power ON".


Dimensions 110x175x30mm


Load shedding schedule integration with SMS Alert

Your SMS Alert can now turn on your generator 5 minutes before load shedding and send you an email.

Custom solutions available

SMS Alert 1 (4G)  



(Also works as a Gate Opener)



3 inputs, 1 x 10A output (1 = burglary, 2 = arm/disarm, 3 = panic).

Reports to 8 users/cell phones.

Recognizes up to 16 missed calls or unlimited missed calls, e.g. to be used as a gate opener.

Waterproof enclosure.

Overall status request at any time.

Pepper gas pulse function.  

Missed call to and from option.  

Airtime can be loaded and checked on system.

12VDC, 40mA standby. 

Dimensions 160x80x55mm


Other useful links

Locate you Vodacom SIM card via


SMS Alert 1 to Siren output

SMS Alert 9 Plus/Alarm (4G) 




Used as a basic alarm module.

6 to 8 zones (AC-Opto isolated) and panic.

3 outputs.

4th relay output optional.  

Walk through test function.   

Siren output, 1 minute timeout.

Reports to 4 users/cellphones.

Overall status request at any time.

Silent listen-in.

Pepper gas pulse function.

Airtime can be loaded and checked on system.

Voice Alert (Audio) optional available e.g. "Zone 1 activated".


SMS Alert 9 Alarm Plus and Roboguard HQ wiring diagram


Difference between SMS Alert 9 Alarm Plus and standard SMS Alert 9


Dimensions 110x175x30mm


WIFI - Internet Availability Alarm

R1 995 - R6000



To check internet connection/availability (regular pinging of Google server) via WiFi


Notification of loss of internet connection is SMSed to users


Other ad-ons also available e.g. loss of power, over temperature etc.


Optional - Automatic reset of power e.g. to Router



SMS Temperature Alert (4G)



Ideal to provide SMS notifications for fridges/freezers/computer/server/air-conditioned rooms.

Reports to 8 cellphone users when temperature goes above or below the range you are monitoring.

LCD screen on which you can check the temperature.

Also monitors power loss/restore (Eskom power).

Temperature range is adjustable by the user (you programme it yourself).

Plugs into wall with a three-point plug & operate no installation required.

Supplied with a  2m wire probe wire at the edge (2nd probe optional)

It has a **3A Lithium-Ion battery 14+ hours std, or 36 hours (SLA fallback/compatible 1.2Amp 12V)

Various custom options are available for poultry farms etc.

Link-able to Alarm system or your 24h response system 

Comes with calibration certificate.

Remote Data Logging reports and testing service

MAAA0575582 (CSD)


Accuracy: 0,5 degrees C, however see calibration results (dead on)



We recommend following an implementing our weekly and 6 monthly test procedures.

Available configurations:

Poultry/Chicken farm temperature controller ( monitoring and daily set adjustment )

Frost control/Prevention - "Ryp beheer" - E.g sends SMS between -5 and 5 degrees on 1 degree intervals


Optional extra:

- Wireless Temperature and Humidity sensors

- Oxygen level monitor (O2)

- CO2 monitoring (Carbon dioxide)

- Liquid Nitrogen monitoring/level alarm/burst alarm

- Incubator/Planer Alarm


***Picc Electronics builds Lion-ion battery packs in-house***


Group management:

This is a feature where we can determine if a unit is offline, and is a separate feature to SMSes




SMS Temperature Alert - Ultra Low

R5 350

Based on time of quote

Will SMS Power loss / Restore, battery low, and Temperature Alarm or Temperature Normal

Monitors a Temperature band e.g. -60 to -90 degrees C

With battery backup


Pricing includes optional SIM card, with Courier


Order via email : ref : SMS Temperature Alert - Ultra low


Super Ultra low Temperature Alert also available e.g. -200/-196 Degrees Celsius


SMS Alert Intercom (4G) - 1 to 6 buttons




DTMF functionality (press DTMF code on cell phone to open gate during a call).

6 buttons on gate station (6 users can be called).

3 Additional devices can be monitored (inputs).

2 Additional devices can remotely be switched on/off (outputs) excluding 1 relay that is used to open the gate.

Any of the 6 users who call the intercom will be able to open the gate by pressing 58 on their cellphones or unlimited users per SMS.

BPT gate station included.

6 users can be called and receive an SMS when activity occurs. 

Airtime can be checked via SMS.

80mA standby.

12 VDC power supply not included.

Unit is pre-wired with a 3m wire between the SMS Alert and the gate station. This distance can be extended up to 10m.



Temperature Probe Cable



Temperature probe on 1.5m wire.

E mail us for the combined temperature and humidity probe.





Temperature Data Logger (USB to PDF)


R1 200


Optional use in conjunction with SMS Temperature Alert above to log temperatures.

Size of an access tag.

It is a monitor with a battery and a USB port, that records the temperature every 15 minutes. 
Life expectancy of 2.5 years.

Once a month or as you like, you take the device out of the fridge/room, connect it to your PCs usb port, and download the temperatures log in chart report format.


SMS Alert Portable Stand-Alone Alarm - Single Barrel

SABS testing evaluation report available on request.

Material safety datasheet

SABS documents

alternative link:

R4 550


DIY - Portable alarm system with pepper gas.

Plugs into wall socket & operate no installation needed.

10 cellphone users are notified via SMS when the alarm goes off. (first 5 users receive all SMSs & another 5 users receive panic SMSs only)

Includes pepper gas, one PIR motion detector, sound bomb siren, 1.2A battery & 2-button remote (for arm/disarm & panic).

Power Loss & Restore SMS notification.

System can be checked, armed and disarmed via SMS.

Listen-in microphone to verify adjacent noises.

It also includes: Additional 6 zones split into 2 partitions for expansion at a later stage.

The 2nd partition can be bypassed.

An additional relay output can be used e.g. to open/close a gate or switch a light on and off.

Airtime balance can be checked on the internet or via SMS.

Other functions: Walk-through test function & auto battery disconnect when battery is low.

Solar panel connector with regulator. Regulator already built-in.  

Unit can be used in your house, caravan, gun safe, freight containers, etc.

Use as a back-up alarm should intruders bypass your existing alarm.  

The pepper gas sprays 5 pulses at a time when it is set on automatic. It sprays 1 to 10 pulses when set on manual, depending on which message you SMS it. It can spray 20 pulses before the can is empty.


Optional  - 15 Hz LED strobe light for eye/brain irritation during night also acting as an emergency night light during power outages when movement is detected



Pepper Gas Slave unit available:

An enclosure with 1 passive, pepper gas & power supply for expansion into other rooms: R1500 ex VAT. (excluding wire)

The pepper gas will either spray together with the master unit, or each slave unit can spray on its own.

Optional Extras:

Wireless indoor PIR's and/or Outdoor Roboguard PIR's.                 

Products can be customized e.g. with battery clamps and low battery notification for use where there is no electricity.  


Programming video of adding additional remotes: 

SMS Alert Portable Stand-Alone Alarm - Double Barrel  



R5 500


Same as above but also including: 

Bigger battery,

2 peppergas cans

2 PIRS (180 degrees)






SMS Alert Power Loss/Restore


R2 400


Plugs into wall & operate, no installation needed.

It consists of one box, with a 1m cord and a 3-point plug at the end.

Battery standby is 6-8 hours.

It reports POWER LOSS and POWER RESTORE via SMS to up to 8 users when the 220VAC changes, in other words, when there is an electricity failure, and again when the electricity is restored.

It will also report LOW BATTERY when the internal 12VDC battery goes flat.

It has an output that you can remotely latch or pulse via SMS for ad-hoc use (please specify on order).

Listen-in microphone can be added to verify adjacent noises (e.g. generator running, UPS on).

Also available to monitor 110VAC or 380VAC specify on order.

1 Auxiliary output.











SMS Alert Gate Opener





Size: 48mm x 76mm x 26mm. (Slightly bigger than a matchbox).

1 600 authorised users - When these users make a missed call, the gate/door will open.

400 special restricted users - These users can be set up to open the gate during certain times and certain days of the week. Users can also be set up to open the gate a certain number of times and then the user will expire.

Operating voltage: 5 - 30 VDC.

Unit is programmed via SMS and/or USB

SMS Alert Panic

R2 700


Sends panic SMS (4 seconds apart) to up to 8 people when the button on the system or the wireless remote is pressed.

Includes wireless remote & receiver, battery, charger, high-gain antenna & siren output (siren optional).

Plugs into wall & operate no installation needed.

Ideal for bathrooms/old-age homes/unsafe areas.

Listen-in microphone (phone in and listen for intruders).

Sends low-battery SMS when battery is low.

Power loss/restore SMS notification (future versions).  

Range between the wireless remote and the SMS Alert Panic system = 50m indoor, 100m outdoor.

A long range receiver can be fitted to increase the range with an additional 100m.

Has a siren output. If connected, the siren will go off for 1 min when the panic button is pressed. (Siren is an optional extra).  

40 remotes can be programmed onto the system.







SMS Display Receiver 

End of life



Displays received SMS messages on a LCD screen, which are sent by remote SMS Alert unit(s), e.g. Panic Alarms, Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms etc.

This is an alternative to the Sherif software below.

When a new SMS is received, a buzzer will sound until any button is pressed.


Button 1:

Displays the contents of the inbox e.g. 

Address book name, cell number and SMS text (up to 20 characters).


Button 2:

Displays the contents of the inbox e.g. 

Address book name, cell number and SMS text (up to 20 characters) and deletes the item from the inbox.












Guard Monitoring Alarm

SA9 MC55

End of life



Monitors security guards.

The system has 2 buttons.

The first button must be pressed every 30 minutes (by, for example, the guard), otherwise an SMS will be send to someone.

30 Seconds before the 30 minutes ends, a buzzer will go off to remind the guard to press the button.

If the second button is pressed, a 'Panic / Fire' SMS will be send.

The system has a built-in LCD, battery and power supply.

It needs 220AC and a SIM-card to function.

It can be mounted to a wall.

There is a key-switch at the side of the box, for activating and de-activating the system.

Has an auxiliary input for an external alarm, etc.

It reports to 2 users.  


Optional modification to above standard unit:

A system with up to 14 wireless remote points available.

Points must be pressed in sequence by guard. This will reset the guard monitor when all 14 have been pressed.

Price upon request.

Sofware updates





SMS Alert 15 


R1 995

15 inputs, single or dual inputs.

No relay outputs.

Inputs are rename-able. A software application and programmer is required.

Reports to 10 users.

Technician mode can be purchased.

Status request at any time.

Silent listen- in.

12VDC system.  

Also available as a 15 zone alarm system (SMS Alert 15 Alarm Plus).



SMS Alert 15 Alarm Plus Module

R1 995

11 Zone Alarm module. 
15 inputs, reports to 8 users. 
No Relay outputs. 
Additional Power Loss/Restore, Panic, Key and Battery Low inputs. 
Silent listen-in microphone. 
Zones can be switched on and off via SMS, or changed from NC to NO. 
Siren output. 
Silent mode operation without siren activation. 
The first 4 users receive all the SMSe, and the last 4 users only receive Panic SMSe. 
Technician mode available. 
No walk-through or test mode available as per SA9 Alarm Plus.






Control Room Software




Price on Request


Desktop based SMS Alert receive and send software.

Uses a GSM terminal modem or SMS internet gateway.

Sends out SMSe and indicates which remote units are: 

- not responding on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

- Audible alarm

- Conditional forwarding

- Reporting


Can be used for Bulk SMSes

Includes e-mail functionality.

Have a look Download

or see document



It is recommend that a prepaid SIM-card is used, or that a process is in place to cancel or stop the SIM-card, or to limit SMS's  in an emergency should a malfunction occur where many SMS's are sent and unforeseen costs are incurred.  It is recommended to test your SMS Alert on a regular basis.  A product of PicC Electronics must be installed by an installer trained by PicC Electronics.