Last updated: 17 April 2024

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User Manuals:  

E-mail us to obtain the latest user manual. (User manual on the web site might not be the latest version). 

Please specify for which product & the age of the product.


Manuals/2019 - VER 11_1 SMS Alert 9 User Manual - 40 user.pdf

Manuals/2019 - SMS Alert 9 Alarm Plus manual.pdf

Manuals/201806 - SA 15 Alarm Plus User Manual.pdf

Manuals/2019 - SA15 User Manual.pdf

Manuals/2019 - SMS Alert Gate Opener.pdf

Manuals/2019 - SMS Alert Panic Manual.pdf

Manuals/2019 - SMS Display Receiver Manual.pdf

Manuals/2019 - SMS Alert 9 Intercom User Manual.pdf

Manuals/Manual VIB2000 Crow shock sensor.pdf

**email us for the latest manuals**





Inserting your micro SIM card 

Programming additional remotes:



Other Information:


SMS Message Call Centre (SMSC) numbers

+27741000050 Virgin Mobile

+27829119 Vodacom

+27829129 Vodacom

+27831000002 MTN (Contract)

+27831000113 MTN (PAYG)

+27841000000 CellC




The following commands can be SMSed to the SMS Alert:

Vodacom:     1234 AIRT*136# Account balance

Vodacom :     Check Bundle SMS balance - 1234 AIRT*111*502#

Virgin         :     1234 AIRT*101# Check balance (Prepaid)
Virgin         :     1234 AIRT*102# Check balance (Contract)

Cell C        :     1234 AIRT*101#


Dial commands USSD:

Vodacom :    *140*number# Please call me

Vodacom :    *135*501# What is my number

Vodacom :    *136# Balance

Vodacom :    *140#number Please call me


MTN            :    *136# Balance

MTN            :    *123*888# What is my number

MTN            :    *121#number Please call me




Locate you Vodacom SIM card via

Trouble shooting

P=Problem, S=Solution


P= I phone enters space automatically when sending a SMS

S= Under message/text settings change the setting of  Character Count


P= Samsung Android enters space automatically when sending a SMS, or SMS is not recognised by the SMS Alert

S= Under message/text settings change the setting of  Input Mode / Character Support to alphabetic (not uni-code etc)