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SMS Alert 9 (most often used)

SMS alert 9 is developed to connect to existing alarm systems or equipment to be monitored and controlled. It is a 9 input and 3 switched relay output. It notifies you instantly if the inputs are triggered by sending an SMS or missed call to your phone. As it is bi-directional, you can also send the unit SMS messages and control remote systems. The input strings and phone numbers of the users are programmable by the user.

Examples: AC Loss/Restore, motion detection; temperature monitoring; computer server room control; 3-Phase imbalance; over/under voltage monitoring; field monitoring by using solar energy; opening of electric gates; steamer room control & monitoring; farm water pump control and monitoring; air conditioning monitoring and control; access control and monitoring; electric fence zone monitoring; etc.

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SMS Alert 1

SMS Alert 1 works It can be used as a limited tracking system via its SIM-Card. Dimensions are approximately 155mm x 75mm x 55mm. 3 Inputs, 1 Output.

Inputs:  (Dual option)

Can be set to send an SMS on both a Negative apply or Negative remove trigger. The SMS message is programmable.

Examples: Open your car with your cellphone when you accidentally locked your key in your car; receive an SMS when your car alarm is on; activate pepper gas in your car/home or know when the siren of your home alarm is on.


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SMS Alert Alarm / Plus System

This is a lock-up-and-go alarm system and does not require an existing alarm. It is a 9 input, 1 switched relay, LED and siren output device. You can arm or disarm the system via SMS, remote control or key switch. This device only requires a SIM-card to work. The SMS Alert Alarm / Plus can be configured as a 2-way intercom system. 

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SMS Alert Wireless Intercom

This is an upgraded SMS Alert 9 that connects to an intercom system. It enables your  visitors to call you and talk to you from your intercom by pressing a button, where after you can open your gate via SMS. The user can change the phone number as required.


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Pepper Gas Defender Mechanism

You can connect this to the SMS Alerts. The user can then activate pepper gas remotely through the SMS Alert when he or she is convinced a burglary is taking place. This mechanism is 12V operated with a gas canister. 

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Extension Aerial

An aerial and extension cord is available (from 1 to 20 meters) for all SMS Alert products as an extra or separate item. This will aid weak reception but is seldom necessary.  

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