Last updated: 12/03/2019

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SMS Alert app


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Upgrade/Replacement Module

Cellphone PCB 





A new PC Board can be bought to replace older units that used a cellphone.

The PC Board plugs in where the cellphone plugged in.

All functionality and programming stays the same.

Size = credit card.


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On Request


Keypad that can be used for SMS Alert 9 Alarm Plus.

2 separate relays: control 2 doors/1 door & duress.

Relay 1: Up to 1 000 codes.

Relay 2: 10 Codes.

Blue Backlit keys.

12-24 VAC or VDC.

Weatherproof: IP65 Rating.

Dimensions: 118 x 74 x 23 mm.  


Pepper Gas Dispenser



Requires 12V pulses to spray.

60 gram / 100ml canister included.

Robust and suitable for outdoor use.

Very little movable parts.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 340 mm.  

Doesn’t work on its own; needs to be connected to an SMS Alert.

Extra canister

Demo canister 








Water Level SMS Alert




Option 1: SMS you when the water level in a tank is too high or too low, or a certain level.

Option 2: SMS you when water is flowing into a room, e.g. a server room.  


Other applications : Jar / bucket water level measurement, 

see picture below (max 30cm deep)

Product can be customized to fit you specific application.

Digital Timer Module



On Request


Power input range: 10V – 14 V DC

Versatile timer module can be set with 9 different applications:  

- 1sec - 24Hours Timer  

- Auto door closure  

- Guard awake timer  

- Pulse stretcher  

- Counter  

- Count down trigger  

- False alarm prevention  

- Momentary to Latching  

Trigger input: Positive/Negative  

Reset input: Normally open potentially free  

Relay output load @ 12V DC: 1 Amp  

Dimensions: 52x65mm


Indoor HD Wireless network IP Alarm Camera with Mobile Viewing Pan/tilt 360 degrees surveillance
Support TF card storage,
Support for smart phones and online replay
Motion detection
Email alarm function
Remote online viewing, HD/SD/LD
Supports WIFI
Quick set up, plug and play
Supports all networks
Suitable for Android and IOS
Indoor use only: office/work, home - Manual for printing

Extension Aerials

On Request


Magnetic Antenna

2m Aerial with magnet plus UFL converter –

Converter – (only necessary if antenna is purchased afterwards)


Patch Antenna

Patch Antenna with self-adhesive tape – 

Converter –  (only necessary if antenna is purchased afterwards)