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How does SMS Alert work?  

SMS Alert enables you to control and monitor your alarm, machinery and equipment from your cellphone.

It instantly sends you and other cellphones an SMS and missed call the moment your alarm is triggered. You can phone the unit and a microphone inside it will allow you to listen in. The unit is designed for bi-directional communication via SMS. You can therefore use it to control and monitor your machinery and equipment.

You can install SMS Alert by connecting the unit to your existing alarm system. We also have stand-alone systems available e.g. SMS Alert Portable Stand-Alone Alarm, SMS Temperature Alert, SMS Alert Power Loss Restore.

The inputs of the system are changeable. Each input sends a different SMS to your cellphone. This gives you complete control by enabling you to send an SMS back to the unit instructing it, for example, to switch your lights on or to open your electric gate.

With SMS Alert you can monitor & control:  


Electric fences

Gate motors

Pivot irrigation

Cable theft


Water levels

Electricity failures

Borehole pumps

Pepper spray

Panic switches


What are the benefits?

SMS Alert can be connected to any application that requires remote control and monitoring

You only pay for the initial purchase and the SIM-card airtime

Check and load your airtime balance from your cellphone or the internet

A large amount of customized products have been developed since 1998.